William James had problems, although born into a wealthy and prominent family. From birth, James suffered life-threatening health issues. an eye problem that left him blinded as a child. A terrible stomach condition that caused excessive vomiting. The trouble with his hearing, back spasm so bad that for days at a time he often couldn’t sit or stand upright.
But one night while reading lectures by the philosopher Charles Peirce. James decided to conduct a little experiment. In his diary. he wrote that he would spend one year. That he was 100 percent responsible for everything that occurred in his life. no matter what.
During this period he would do everything in his power to change his circumstance. no matter the likelihood of failure. If nothing improved in that year. then it would be clear that he was powerless to the circumstances around him, and then he would take his own life.
Williams James went on to become the father of American psychology. His work, translated into bazillion languages. He’s regarded as one of the most influential intellectuals. philosophers/psychologists of his generation.
Motivation is not what someone can give you, it is intrinsic. you have to bring it to the table by yourself.
Life occurrences will come and you will have grief. It is important to know how to pick yourself up and move on.
After losing a game of football. at the first half to the opponent. and many of the players are down with injuries. two have red cards so that means nine are playing against eleven players. To any natural being the game is over but yet the lower came back on top to beat the opponent flat. It takes motivation. an intrinsic one that everyone brought to the table refusing to accept failure.
The man at the pool of Bethesda kept saying I have no one. when the water stirred the blinds to get there before me. The sick get a hold of it, the barren, the disabled are my competitors and I do not have anyone to help.
What he failed to realize is that motivation is not an extrinsic influence. nothing is going to change outside of you. You are responsible to motivate yourself. you’ve got to stop seeing yourself as a victim. When the water stirred you’ve got to move.
Thousands of life predicaments have come and gone. The only way to solve your problem is to first admit your actions and beliefs up to this point have not been working. The openness to being wrong musters for any real change or growth to take place.
Happiness. comes from solving problems. If you avoid problems or you feel you do not have any, it will only make you miserable.



l am passionate about writing I love to document into books all issues that pertain to life and godliness .I love youth to be balance in all ramifications.

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l am passionate about writing I love to document into books all issues that pertain to life and godliness .I love youth to be balance in all ramifications.

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