A man once lived in my neighborhood got married to a beautiful girl he met at his workplace. I am at the baby showers and will like to pick a beautiful pink dress from the store because he is expecting a girl.
Your life story cannot be complete without the mention of people in it. They are girls and women. How will you feel if any of them get molested, disrespected, abused, and discriminated?

This is another man, whose son came home smiling, proud, feeling accomplished. With this enthusiast character, the father became so proud because his son has just dis-flower a girl.
Here are some of the facts about the state of the world for girls for the International Day Of The Girls 2016.

-15 million girls under the age of 18 are married each year.
-Pregnancy is one of the biggest killers of girls aged 15-19.
-It is estimated that around 3million women and girls worldwide are currently enslaved in the sex trade.
-Women aged 15-45 are more likely to be maimed or die from cancer, malaria, traffic accidents and war combined.
-In many places, girls and young women cannot vote, cannot inherit land, and don’t have access to justice. Fighting for the rights of girls is central to overcoming poverty and discrimination for all.

This is a “pandemic within a pandemic “ with a reality, that millions of women and children are the most abused. Justice should be a concern for nations, society, communal living, and individual.

There should be a commitment to securing dignity and rights for all. The lockdown exposes what many of us have known even before this pandemic. There has been a record of many girls and women been abused during this period all over places and the men are yet to bring to books. it is really disheartening,

Since you tackle Covid-19 with an effort, you can also apply equal, vigorous focus to eradicate violence as well. Let us create a world where girls rights, we recognized, respected, and realized. 
Apart from legal justice, you should use social media as one of the powerful weapons at your disposal. Bold advocacy and awareness should become a common feature on our Tv and phone screens.

The way forward in all this pandemic that keep our girls and woman under attack is for :

Lawmakers should stand for injustice instead of sacrificing justice to keep their popularity. Check what the problem is, tackle the intolerance among the male and female in politics. They should address the economic injustice, poverty that expose women to unfavorable circumstances

A father should treat his daughter as equal to his son, cherish her, and not let her accept an inferior position. He should address the deep-rooted superior that might want to occur between his son and daughter.

God created men and women in God’s image both stand as equals before God. To denigrate women is to spit in the face of God. Desmond Tutu.
The religious should engage the men and boys on what is of them as an attitude towards female folks. They should not always believe they have the right to them.

Let our words be backed up by a real change in attitude and commitment towards the girls and women.


l am passionate about writing I love to document into books all issues that pertain to life and godliness .I love youth to be balance in all ramifications.

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l am passionate about writing I love to document into books all issues that pertain to life and godliness .I love youth to be balance in all ramifications.