It was a decision of a lifetime, it looks too rash, too irrational to some, it could be unrealistic, inappropriate and it could even be regarded as unreasonable. One bird in the hand is better than two in the bush, that is the idiomatic expression of the situation. People will tell you to look before you leap, do not put all your eggs in one basket, test the waters before you let down your nets. For Elisha, it was a day he wanted but might not be the day he was expecting it to happen. He was a successful businessman, diligent in his work, resourceful to the core, and a great entrepreneur whose desire rings for expansion.
 I assume that he had plans for that day waking up with the thought of how he is going to finish the day’s work by plowing that plot of the farm, it looks as if its even planting season the oxen were strong and ready for the day’s work, twelve big oxen yoked to perform the plowing schedule on the farm it’s not a joke. The workers were enthusiasts to start planting looking forward to getting the work done and which will give them the wages for the day. It was a beautiful day great season for the farmers good seed to go in the ground all was a perfect day.
 Here comes Elijah with the news, he does not need any introduction, the messenger of the most high, and his presence alone meant God has come. Elisha is a man that knows and desires to be used by God and that is why after receiving Elijah cloak he knew what it stands for there was no argument, the only request is for him to go home and bade his family goodbye. This is coming from a man whose heart is prepared who is looking forward to this but also understand the implication of being Elijah”s servant.
 I was really taken aback by Elisha actions afterward, in 1king 19:21 he took his oxen and slaughtered them, burned the plowing equipment to cook the meat, and gave it to the people to eat. Then he set out to follow Elijah and became his servant. First, note that I am not asking you to sell off your business to go into full-time ministry but I admire the man who truthfully and with no doubt in him that he wants to serve God. We are children of God and our love and dedication to him should always reveal our interest in the things of God. Elisha took the bull by the horn he beats the doubt, fear, uncertainty, the emotions and suggestions from all quarters that could have stand as huge obstacles to his forging on, he chose to beat it immediately rather than chasing the shadow or be dreaming of wanting to do it forever. 
 Many times as Christian, as a human being created in God’s image we knew what it is expected, we knew some habits and attitudes are a detriment to our relationship with God but we still wanted to fraternize with them, we refused to have an opinion to what we use the instruments of our body to do. If you live as one that does not have an opinion then you do not have life, that means anything goes for you. There was really no turning back for Elisha or any other business to come back to in case the adventure of going with Elijah did not work out, there was no alternative when it comes to his mission as a servant, he gave it his all, determine to supersede what his boss was doing, attentive to the core, carrying out orders and instruction to the letter, being adequately ready to see to the success of the mission. 
 Being opinionated gives you an edge to show that you stand for something and that your lives do count and you are out to achieve the purpose. After going through the bible and knows what is expected of you it will be a great service to yourself when you choose to stand by it, there is a lot of pressure out there to confuse you from the truth, a lot that wants to water down your faith and make you believe that upholding the mantra of holiness and righteousness is a thing of the past and that you can always work it out to soothe your time and environment. Being opinionated does not mean you should be angry, contrarian or shout at people, it just means you choose not to follow multitude but be that person God ordained you to be, choosing to be different from the dictate of the world or to live by the standard of the world but one who knows that in 1peter 1:9 declares you as chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, Gods special possession.
 You can just imagine if Elisha does not make up his mind, to him killing the oxen is the best way for him to have full concentration on the mission and it pays off for him, he ends up with the double portion of Elijah’s anointing doing exploits for the Lord, even his dead bone raised the dead. 
 We are like-minded our calling is the same to show forth the praises of him who hath called us out of darkness into his marvelous light. when we bear our opinion on matters of life in respect of our faith we showed forth the glory of the father, we helped ourself from being misjudged and we raise our banner for people to know our stand and at the end, we gain peace because we are not forced to live a double standard lifestyle. 
 For every visitation of the power of darkness, the temptation of the works of the flesh, the test of our faith you are entitled to allow or disallow these powers to have dominion over you or you declare your stand through the speaking of the word of God and prayers, you are never to subject yourself to their Lordship but always to call for help in Christ Jesus and it start by voicing out your opinion on the matter that can only be the truth which is the word.
 Elisha was not specially called or specially anointed by God, he just chose his path and decided to follow through with it, he beats the obstacles by taking a stand and takes the right decision because he does not want to be chasing around them all his life. what will you choose, to be known for as a bible believing Christian who stands by what you believe or one who will continue to be looking back? There are some decisions that will help you take your stand, disassociate from bad influence no matter who they are, stand out for your faith and be regiment when it comes to the word.
 The simple nursery rhyme says read your bible pray every day if you want to grow, there lies the power to withstand against the wiles of the devil. Holyspirit is our helper, comforter, teacher, guardian, our walk in the Lord ought to be through the partnering with him, trust in him with all our heart, it is a journey we can not embark on our own.



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l am passionate about writing I love to document into books all issues that pertain to life and godliness .I love youth to be balance in all ramifications.